Practiquemos más v.10

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Tu entrenador personal de español 🇪🇸

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The Best Spanish Brain Trainer

Practiquemos más (Let's practice more) is an App to practice Spanish verb conjugation, grammar, phrases, vocabulary, and listening comprehension with your phone, tablet, or computer.

New! Practice by typing or speaking 🗣️

When installing the App on a mobile device, you can give your answers by typing or speaking

The new version of Practiquemos más works beautifully on all mobile devices, including Android phones & tablets, iPhone & iPad.

Spanish of Spain or Spanish of Latin America?

This new App includes both ✌️ versions :-)

You can switch between Spanish of Spain or Spanish of Latin at any time.

Practice +14k words and phrases

Inside the program you will find hundreds of exercises for all levels: 

beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

You will be able to master very quickly verb conjugation, vocabulary, phrases, and grammar.
In fact, Practiquemos más is super effective and fun. You will listen to the pronunciation of any single phrase, and you can practice listening comprehension and short dialogs.

Don't waste your time, practice what you really need

When you start an exercise, the computer "detects" which questions are difficult for you and repeats them several times, until they become easy.

This is the most effective way to practice: you focus on what you really need. You learn faster and don't waste your time.

After doing the exercises, speaking Spanish will be much easier.

System requirements

You can install Practiquemos más on any device by using Google Chrome.  You can also practice by using any browser directly on the website. This App requires an internet connection.


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your product, you have 30 days to send me an email for a full refund:


"Thank you for designing this product Cata. Great to work with and very easy it goes very well with your videos" - Nathan Blair

"Practiquemos mas is a great program to learn Spanish. Fun to use and easy to remember as we can repeat the exercises as often as we want.
But the most important thing is that we always have the support of Catalina when needed.
She is doing a wonderful job and keeps us motivated to learn Spanish.
I strongly recommend this program" - Maryse Briere

"I have just recently started using Practiquemos alongside my Spanish lessons and it has been so useful. It is like having my tutor at home with me. It has helped with my grammar which was my worst point and is easy to dip in and out of at any time of day...excellent!" - Caroline

Благодаря за полезната придобивка!

Приятно и забавно е да се работи с "Practiquemos mas". Помага при усвояването на глаголните форми на различните глаголи като отчита къде са пропуските и изисква повече повторения докато се усвои правилно. Същото важи и при работа с лексиката. Може да се избира и скоростта за всяко упражнение според нивото на обучаващия се.

Благодаря Ката! - Fizika

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$147 $88.20

Practiquemos más v.10

13 ratings
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